Monday, March 26, 2018


P. 9-10

I had an insight this week that I wanted to share. It struck me as both simple and profound. 
“Unless someone is beating me with a rubber hose or a  whip, then nobody is really doing anything to me. Everything that is happening is happening within my mind."

There were a couple of questions that we're a bit outside our reading this morning so I would like to address those first.

Many people, although not all of us, have found ourselves on this particular path of delving deeper into our spiritual consciousness as being a natural outgrowth or a natural evolution of what we have learned earlier in our lives. We do not necessarily leave we have learned behind nor do we have to take it with us has a dogma or something that is stuck in a particular moralistic point of view. What we are aware of now does no have to be in conflict with what we have learned previously. We can be aware of our “newer” knowing as a deeper understanding.

I’ll use myself as an example. Many people would ask me, “Are you still Catholic?” and I would respond by saying, “That is like asking me if I am still Irish.” 
Growing up in an environment of Catholicism is part of my heritage, it is part of my story. Although it is not a definition of who I am, it is certainly a part of this personality self that can also be an expression of the Christ consciousness.

Perhaps an even better example would be Thomas Merton. He did not reject his Catholicism nor his vocation to the Trappists, yet he also expanded his belief system beyond the norms that would ordinarily be dictated by his faith.

You see, we are not getting rid of the ego or the personality. When we reach a particular point of awareness in our spiritual growth, we can begin to use the ego and the personality self as an instrument through which the Divine consciousness flows through. That is an aspect of its uniqueness.

Noticed there is a difference between using your ego or personality consciousness as a vehicle for expression of the Divine as compared to identifying yourself with your ego or personality consciousness. Do you get a feel for the difference here?


Another question involved in the difference between judgment and discernment. I realize this is one that many of us struggle with. In fact, for a long time it seemed to me the difference was more in semantics rather than truth. What I have come to realize is, first of all, judgment is always a projection of the ego. Although we are not fully aware of it, it is a fearful response to external stimuli. Judgment by its very nature allows us to categorize people, places and situations in order for us to better control them. What judgment is always going to be is a reflection of duality–
right/wrong; good\bad; black/white, etc. This is the way the mind works, and it is a marvelous tool and is also an awful master.

Discernment does not come from the mind, the intellect. Discernment comes from your internal awareness. You could call it your heart consciousness or your higher self, your intuitive self. Years ago we might have called that a hunch or a gut feeling. We do not wish to deny those, but discernment is a deeper way of knowing. The end product of discernment is not a duality but direction. It is the knowing of what is right or best for you at this moment. It is not a comparison or a judgment about anyone else. It is simply a knowing of what the next best thought to hold or the next best action for you to take right now. It takes time and practice to be able to listen to this Inner Voice, this inner awareness and to filter through some of the static and silliness that might be projected by the thinking mind.

We ended last week with:

“Who you are, we say, is who you say you are. Understand this please. Who you are is what you say you are. “I am an aspect of the Creator in form” is a claim of worth and truth.”

I often find myself in the place or the state of mind where I can say that and I want to believe it but I'm not quite sure whether I do are not. There is a step that I add that is helpful to me. It is a way to bypassing my thinking mind and all of the doubts that it projects and move into a deeper form of knowing and awareness. For instance, I might say to myself, “I see through the eyes of the Christ.” And that sounds very wonderful, but I still seem to be seeing's bodies and life situations that are filled with my judgments and my own values.

What I need to do then instead of judging or condemning myself is to ask myself the question, “What would it be like if I were seeing with the eyes of the Christ.?” All of a sudden, even if it is only for a brief moment, I begin to get a sense of what that is like. That reminds me that the truth of who I am is always here even though it sometimes gets covered up by my wants and my needs and my desires and my fears.

Asking yourself a question like the above opens the door to a deeper way of knowing. We do this all the time with our imagination, but too often we think of the imagination is being that part of ourselves that lives in fantasyland. That can be true, however, a deeper use of the imagination is to go beyond of the thinking mind into a creative aspect of ourselves that does not get stuck in the limitations of the mind.

“When you know who you are in truth, your life will change because it cannot not change. Do you understand this, yes?”

Now the book gave what I considered to be a rather silly answer regarding buying peas at the store, but the message is clear. Did you ever buy one of those Little plastic raincoats that coming this tiny little envelope and then after you have used the raincoat, try to put it back in the envelope. The toothpaste does not go back in the tube. The cat is out of the bag. Once you open to accepting the truth, even if you are in it for a brief instant, there is no going back. When you come out of denial, in this case the denial of who you truly are, you can never go back into denial. You can pretend, you can even forget who you are, but that does not change the truth of it.

We are reminded again of a very profound truth–you are not your history. This is not a denial of your story or your history but it is reminding you it is not who you are. Your story and your history along with your body and your personality self can be an aspect or the lens or the filter that the divine shines through. Each one of us is a unique expression of the Divine and that uniqueness flows from our story, our body and our history.

Let me conclude with a question that was asked concerning the expression “I know who I am; I know what I am; I know how I serve.”

What came to me as someone asked about that was “Who I am” is a divine child of God a manifestation of the divine; that is true for all of us. “What I am” is a unique expression of the divine through history and personality. Do you get the difference between the two?

We did not delve into the last piece “I know how I serve.” Perhaps that will be where we begin next week.

Someone also asked after class was over about the passage:
“We bring on each page a teaching that may be known by the spirit. We bring on each page a teaching that may be known by the soul as the personality transitions into this new level of awareness: “I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve.”

What is the difference between spirit and soul?

I have heard this question asked many times and quite often I have thought that there is no distinction between the two; my understanding of that is changed somewhat.

What we call spirit is the essence of God, the divine consciousness in which we all participate. Soul is my unique participation and expression of that divine consciousness.

So let us close with the truth “I know how I serve and let us explore that as the week unfolds. 


Tuesday, March 20, 2018


P. 7-9

The Workbook of ACIM begins with questioning everything we see/experience, but then we are also reminded that we are responsible for all this “stuff” and our interpretation of it. In other words, we created it. I realize that continues to be a difficult concept to embrace, but the emphasis here is not to condemn or judge ourselves for what appears to be quite messy, but to realize that if we have the power to create a messy planet (by default) or unconsciously, then we also have the ability to create the Kingdom of Heaven as well. But, see the challenge is that we really don’t believe that.
As we open up more and more and realize the truth of our being, then accepting and working with our creative power will become more meaningful and even joyful. A simple example of that on a personal level will be that instead of reacting to the things of life(which is more or less a learned response from fear and protectiveness) we will realize we have the choice to respond—from love, compassion, etc. This is the true meaning of responsibility—it is the “ability to respond.” I can still respond in the old ways—in the ways of lower vibration—that choice is not taken away from me, but I also realize I have a the choice to respond in a higher way as well.
What I will also begin to become more conscious of is that the old ways no longer fit for me; they have lost their appeal. I recognize that my need to protect or my need to be right no longer hold their attraction. As Paul said, “When I was a child....”(I Corinthians 13:11)

The reading and study* of this book will open the mind up to new possibilities and will also expand the consciousness of all beings. 
There are words that the mind can understand (but they will not completely satisfy the intellect). More importantly there is a vibration, a higher frequency, that accompanies this text which is also working with each one of us. It would be as if you were reading a book, and there was this wonderful music playing in the background, that allowed the deeper meaning of all those words sink into your consciousness with little effort on your part. (That’s the best I can do with that metaphor).

*We do not mean study like homework. Study here means being willing to sit with this material, especially when it is puzzling, and instead of trying to figure it out, just really sit with it—let it speak to you; let it speak to you where you are at. It will speak to you—even the silence has meaning—in fact probably more meaning than a bunch of words. The Tao says, “He who speaks does not know; he who knows does not speak.” (I wonder what that says about me???)

“Now we say to you: What you witness, what you have created and are in agreement with, you are shaking hands with. When you agree with something, you shake its hand and you are in alignment with it. What you are in alignment with, you concur with, you are in co-resonance as. What you are in co-resonance as, you hold as your frequency. What you hold as your frequency you manifest.”

What reactions that I am noticing about myself no longer serve me; no longer fit? As I discover each one of these, I become willing to surrender them, let them go. That does not mean they will just disappear, in fact, they might make quite a racket as I am releasing them. These old behaviors and attitudes might remain somewhat seductive for a time. What we are realizing more and more deeply is that these behaviors, attitudes and beliefs are not who you are (in fact, they never were.)

To put it in the simple, yet profound language of this book, “What are you choosing to be in alignment with? What do you resonate with?

We are all hearing the resonance of that Divine tuning fork that is continuing to call us to Love, and we are all allowing ourselves to respond to that call, but there are also all sorts of other bells ringing—all sorts of other vibrations that also might seem to be quite attractive. 

I am often reminded of the parable of the Prodigal Son. He listened to and was drawn by the vibration of riches and pleasure. When that fell apart, he decided to go back home. Now the piece that grabs me is that the vibration of the Father’s love never left him. He might have forgotten it, shut it out, but it was always there. When he surrendered, hit bottom, let go of all those addictions and attachments that were in the way, that vibration of the Father’s love came through loud and clear. (I am beginning to realize that there are many ideas and beliefs that can become much clearer with the understanding and application of vibration and frequency!)

“As we say you are the Christ, you must remember yourselves and release the acquisitions, the claims of self, the things you co-resonate with that are not in alignment with this truth. And those things that are not in alignment will be released for you by the reading of this text. We have a mission here that those of you who decide, and we underline decide, that this can be so, will have the experience that is intended by this text. Those of you who decide that you may align, that you may be in triumph, that you may be risen as the Christ manifested in man, will have the experience, and the knowing, and the absolution of your history as one in limitation that may be claimed at this juncture, at your time.”

Let’s close with this sentence from the text:

“Who you are, we say, is who you say you are. Understand this please. Who you are is what you say you are. “I am an aspect of the Creator in form” is a claim of worth and truth.”
Some of the fear we might have in claiming this truth comes from our experiences of living in ego consciousness, and how the ego has lead us down some pretty disastrous paths, especially addictions. It is imperative to know we are not claiming from my ego power or my personality self. The claiming of my Truth has nothing to do with power, control or manipulation. This is why one of the deeper learnings we are called to here is to work on trusting our heart, our own inner wisdom. This is a process that is continuing to unfold.


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Epilogue from The Book of Love and Creation

I am using this last post from the Book of Love and Creation as sort of a bridge between the two books.
For those of you who are new to our Sunday group, “Welcome.” I hope this will give you a “feel” for the work we are doing.                                  


I would encourage you all to read this section over again—perhaps even read it out loud. Let the energy of its Truth sink into your bones.

The major aspect of this last section and perhaps the entire work is about alignment. In essence being in alignment with your divine self. That sounds quite simple, but what does it really mean?

Being in alignment means being in agreement with, affirming a particular truth, and living from that truth. Let us create an example: Suppose there is someone in your life that you love very deeply. You do not have to think about this too much, but essentially you are in alignment with your love for that person. What happens then, when you are in alignment with your love is that love guides and directs most of your feelings and your actions and thoughts. You notice very quickly, when you become angry or agitated or even annoyed at this person you love, that you are not in alignment with your love for them. As soon as you realize this, you have the possibility to realign yourself with that love and therefore choose your thoughts and your actions differently. Do you get that?

Now in this lesson, we are speaking of your alignment with your divine self. That might seem to be a far-fetched order, but truly it is not. Your understanding will fit easily with the example above. You know when you are in alignment with love. No matter what you might be feeling emotionally, when you are in alignment with love, you choose loving thoughts and loving actions. When you get into the habit of being “in love” you become much more aware when you are not in alignment with love. Those aspects of negativity that we sometimes speak of, fear, anger, any form of violence against the self or others, all of those and many more— if we fall into them, allow our awareness to be captured by them, we can realize very quickly when we are or when we are not in alignment with love. Being in alignment with Love is the same as being in alignment with your divine self.

See I think what happens to many of us when we think about alignment with the divine self is we think of ourselves as walking around in white robes polishing up or halos and maybe just chanting all the time. Perhaps that is a state of mind that we will all reach one of these days, but the image is not a necessary one. You can be in alignment with your divine self throughout all of the easy difficult and mundane things that show up in life. It is a choice that flows from awareness and practice.

Another piece that is subtly expressed in this last section is one that has been touched upon many other times and probably will be touched upon again quite often. When you begin to practice being in alignment with love, with your Divine self, you will begin to realize that you become more and more identified with your divine self. In other words you know that is who you are.

For much of our lives, in our human existence, we have identified ourselves with what we are calling our personality self. That is that conglomerate of all of the labels and roles we have attached to ourselves as well as all of the things that other people have said about us that we have believed or bought into, and that certainly involves what we call our ego consciousness as well.

As my friend Ram Dass likes to point out “from the moment we are born we going to people training. People start telling us we are the unfortunate thing about this is all the people who are telling us we are don’t know who they are.” So here are a whole bunch of personality selves telling us who we are, and of course what happens then is that we enter the process of creating our own personality self, which again is not just based on what we think we are, but also can be based on or influenced by what other people say, what society says, what we have grown up with in our culture and religion, how we are taught to think, what’s right, what’s not, on and on.

As we enter into the realm of spirituality it begins to become quite clear that this personality self that we have created and lived with, for most of our lives, is not who we are. We begin to realize we are more than that. At first though, we do not seem to have anything to take its place. So we can become a little bit lost and sometimes simply create another personality self around a belief system that seems to be comfortable for us. This particular path can be very very frustrating because, in essence, what we are attempting to do is to find or discover our spiritual self with our personality self. It is somewhat like that marvelous story of a man who is looking for his lost keys under a streetlamp and a friend passes by and asks is this where you lost him and he says no I lost him down the block, well why are you looking here then? He replies, “because the lights better.”

We all reach a point where we realize we have used the  thinking mind, the intellect to attempt to discover things the mind cannot grasp.We have pushed it as far as it will go. It does not, cannot, enter into the realm of mystery, that is only known through the intuitive loving heart. At this point in our process, we surrender, we let go of all that we think we know; we let go of all that we think we are and we begin to allow spirit to take over.

This is what we are doing here with this work. We are not sacrificing our free will, we are opening our awareness to greater awareness so the choices that we have or the choices that are presented to us can be reflected in this alignment with love, this alignment with our divine self.

From the book

 “Of course you cannot be other than you are, and in truth this is who you are, and have been, and will continue to be. But it is through the process of re-identifying the self in this way that permits the frequency to shift, and all of the exercises we have offered you thus far have been prepared for you in order to bring you to this next station of your evolution. The planet is changing and you are of the planet. All are rising.”

“Your essence of yourself is a piece of the Creator, and the self that remembers the self as an aspect of this seeks to reunite in completeness with the Source of All That Is. That is the journey to the heart of the Creator that is established in you. Your return is set. However, we want you to understand that this can be accessed in body.
“I am now choosing to reunite my causal body, my own Divine Self, with the heart of God. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

This will allow. Now if you allow this in your own way to be your meditation, the amplification of the Divine Self within you, in conjunction with the Creator, the idea of union will become a simple exercise in re-membrance. There is no magic here, there is only truth. The work of this text is remarkably simple when one accepts it as a simple action. And we wish you to do this with us:
“I am now knowing myself as in the Creator’s Love. I am now knowing myself as at one with the God that created me. I am now accepting my will in alignment with the will of the Creator and I am remembering myself as an aspect of God in love, in alignment, and in wonder. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”

“I am that I am. I am Word. I am Word. I am Word.
We call to you each the Emissaries of Light. We call to you each those who serve the Christ. We call to you each the truth of your knowing come forth in fruition of the Divine Plan. We call to you each the miracle of your birth and of your awakening. We bring to you the angels, the servers, the teachers who would herald your awakening. And we remind you now that you are never, never, never without love.
We gift you with this, precious one, in all of your love and beauty. We are with you now in energy. We are with you now in creation. And we say to you this:
I am Word.”

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Preface/Introduction 1

P. ix-2

“In the recent history of channeled literature—from Cayce to Jane Roberts and the Seth material to Helen Schucman and A Course in Miracles—it is possible to detect an intimate and important connection between the channeler and the intelligence that speaks through him or her. Paul’s messages arrive from a consortium of unseen “Guides,” whose voices are deeply ethical, penetratingly insightful regarding the foibles of human nature, and unsparingly blunt about the possibilities and pitfalls facing us in the present era. As an intellect, Paul, too, possesses these qualities and serves as a fine instrument—a kind of Stradivarius of the soul—through which the Guides can play their notes.”

“The expanding popularity of Paul’s work is remarkable on several counts. While the viewpoint of Paul’s Guides is very much in harmony with tenets of New Thought and the ideals of the human-potential movement, the Guides do not offer a narrowly conceived message of personal attainment or self-enrichment. The Guides do not eschew such aims, but their teaching requires a concurrent growth of self-understanding and personal observation on the part of the individual; it demands the cultivation of empathy and inner study; and it often offers rigorous exercises in these pursuits. This teaching is not for people who are easily distracted or narrowly self-interested. It places a demand on the whole person.”

I thought these paragraphs from the Preface offer a concise introduction to our work.
(By the way, Mitch Horowitz, the author of the Preface, is the publisher of Paul and the Guides work. I think we confused him with Mitch Albom author of Tuesday’s with Morrie).

#Also, if you just began with us, or have been away for a while, I would encourage you to read the first blog. I believe it contains some helpful clarifications.


“This is a time of great change and a great awakening is upon you, but you must attend to yourselves as the one who is responsible for your own identity. And we underline this: You must be responsible to yourself as the one responsible for your own identity.
The claims that you make, each one of you, “I know who I am in my life, in my work, in my gatherings, in my exchanges,” are the ways you identify yourself with. And what we must tell you now is that when you operate in a diminished sense of self, you operate in lack and in fear. You have not been told who you were and, consequently, you identify yourself through structures that adhere to limitations.”

I am often reminded of that wonderful line from a Jackson Browne song (The Pretender) “I want to know what became of the changes we waited for love to bring where they only the fitful dreams of a greater awakening.”

All through this work and the other works by Paul and the Guides, there will be quotes and indented paragraphs to repeat either in your mind or out loud. If time and place permit, I would encourage you to say them out loud.

There is a huge difference between these statements of truth and the affirmations that we might have formed for ourselves in the past. We are not speaking of something we would like to be true, or desire to be true, or hope to be true. We are speaking of truths that we already know are true, that resonate with at least some aspect of our being. And as we do, we claim that more deeply as our truth. We continue to do that until we become so rooted in the truth that it is our natural response to anything that shows up in life. In other words, without even thinking about it, we are always seeing with the eyes of the Christ.

It is also important to note that we are going beyond baby steps here. This work of alignment with divine truth, with the divine self that you are is not about feeling good so much as it is being aware that you are good, that you are whole, that your essence is divine. Sure it is wonderful to feel good, to have all of your material needs met, but that is not our purpose here. Our purpose here is the transformation of the human race that has been locked in separation and fear, to raise this vibration to a new and a higher level of one that resonates with unconditional love. That is our task; that is our goal.

“What is happening now on this plane is that those of you who have gathered have decided to incarnate at the highest level available to you, and the acquisition of knowing of who and what you truly are is what is required to make this so. When there is a mass elevation in consciousness, what begins to happen is that the incarnations that you stand in begin to align to the next phase of development on this plane and the plane must shift itself to reflect the new knowing that each of you are born into.”

(Please read the rest of p. 2-3 and the top of 4) I’m jumping ahead here a bit.

 Your worth is an expression of who you think you are. As we go throughout our day, if we are aware enough, we find ourselves sometimes recalling that deepest truth, that we are a unique expression of the divine, and then at other times we find ourselves so engrossed in our own story, in the role we are acting out, or the particular limited identity we have become attached to that we lose track of our truth. I become someone standing on line, or someone who is angry or annoyed, or someone eating a hamburger. (Obviously none of those are who I really am, but my thinking and perception have shrunken into this space of very limited awareness.
( A few moments ago, I was simply wring this, in tune with the guidance that was coming to me, but not long after that I became aware that I was someone writing a class summary! It is so easy to lose it!)
 I’ve discovered one of the simplest ways to realize I have gotten lost in my ego/personality-self is when I become aware that I am making up stories in my head.

This work is about awareness, not about judgment. We have suggested this many times in the past but it always deserves a reminder. When you come back into your awareness of your truth as a divine child of God, we encourage you to rejoice in that awareness and do not be angry or upset at yourself for falling into forgetfulness. The gratitude you have for the deep awareness of the truth you are is one of the most powerful forms of self-love.


Friday, March 16, 2018


P. 4-6
(I inadvertently skipped some material on p. 2-4–Sorry, I will return to that next week).

We began with a question. “What is the Christ-Consciousness? We all “kinda, sorta” know what that means, but if you only “kinda sorta” know what something means then you can only “kinda sorta” participate in that knowing.

Let’s just take a simple example, because this is simple, not complicated. The mind likes to complicate things, and, of course, it is never satisfied, so the explanations here are not meant to completely satisfy the mind, but they will do some of that. The deeper purpose here is to be who you are—to thine own self be true—or to your higher self be true.

We all know what is like to be loving—that could be giving or receiving or both.
We all know what it is like to be “out of love”—to be in the vibration of anger, hatred, revenge, being right, etc.

We also realize when we are out of love that we have a choice to be back in it. That’s not a feeling. It’s more than that, it’s a choice. There have been many times in our lives when we have not felt like being loving—-but we still have a choice no matter what we feel. 

Interesting—I have a choice to be in the consciousness of Christ, the consciousness of love or not.

See here is another thing. No one ever taught me I had a choice. If I was angry at you or you at me—that was it.  You could bury it, but it was like nuclear waste, it had a half life of 25,000 years! 

Being in love is being in the Christ Consciousness. It is choice, but we rarely recognize the choice. You have to be awake enough to choose. You have to be present to win.

We’ve all had the experience that once we have processed a piece of information, we realize that when we spoke, or when acted, we were so identified with our anger, our self-righteousness, that we spoke or acted from that limited place of anger or hurt, and we realize we could have done that much better. So we ask forgiveness and healing, release it, let it go. This takes much humility, wisdom, and selflessness.

It is not a matter of judgment, guilt, blame or being a doormat.

Last week I was messing around on Facebook which I don’t do a whole lot of, but I was being rather self-righteous and I came across this comment that I just had to respond to or thought I had to respond to. So I did in a very sarcastic way, and no sooner had I posted my sarcastic response that I got an even deeper sarcastic response from the author. Before I could reply again, I paused for moment and I saw where this was going. I decided I could stop. I wrote a short note back saying simply stating that I should not have responded in anger, “Forgive me.”

And I was really in that space, not blaming and not even completely releasing my outrage because my personality self was still attached to being right, but I also knew that I had a choice to be loving. Now it also wasn’t long before my ego got a hold of all that and said, “What a good boy am I. How wonderful of me to be so much better, so much more in tune then this other person.
Well, that was much more long winded than I thought.


Now Paul is wondering, are we telling mankind that they are the Christ? And yes, we are. But you have not known the magnificence of who and what you are because you have not been attuned to the possibility that it can be so.

 I am going to emphasize the word “possibility” here. You don’t have to eat the whole sandwich in one bite. You don’t have to completely and totally be in the Christ Consciousness right now and forever. All we are being asked to do at this point is to open ourselves to the POSSIBILITY that I AM THE CHRIST/WORD and so of course is every one else. 
Can you do that? Open yourself up to the POSSIBILITY?

We have spoken of this before, but the concept is repeated here—You are always creating. As ACIM states, “We are either creating from a state of unconsciousness, what is called ‘default’, or we are creating consciously. 

“You design this, you know. You are so used to this, to playing the game of limitation that you create from it. It is the hat you wear that shields you from the sun that would awaken you. “I know who I am in my limitation, in my poverty, in my fear, in my shame, in my unknowing.”

You can even creat illusions (and think they are real).

The transformation that happens here is that we create from Awareness which is creating from Love, which is creating from our Christ Consciousness. 

A little side trip: in the first book I AM WORD, we were taught how to “Word” through something. Whatever might be going on with you, anger, fear, doubt, confusion, 
you say to yourself, out loud or silently, “Word I Am Word through my fear” (or whatever else is up for you).
Now to the thinking mind, that seems a little nuts because it appears as if you are reenforcing your fear, or whatever is bugging you, but that is not what is happening here. By claiming yourself as Word/Word of God/Christ Consciousness, you are claiming dominion/power over your fear. You are saying “I have fear, but it is not who I am.” I am claiming a deeper Truth, and when I do that the fear, or whatever it is, has to begin to dissipate.

It is like that wonderful prayer, “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.” 

 “We do not design a text to make you feel better about yourselves, that is not our interest. However, it is helpful if you feel good because you will be more attentive. But when we say we want you knowing, we want you knowing of your worth in a profound way.

I love this piece. You see it is my personality self that is always looking to feel good, that is its primary goal.  The soul cares more about Being Good than feeling good. But because the guides realize we are still very much in our humanness, they accept that feeling good is still one of our goals.

Let’s close with this one:

“I have a right to live my life in an awareness of my Christed Self in my manifestation and call to me those experiences, those expressions of the Christ that would meet me at this level of knowing.”