Sunday, November 10, 2019


P. 149-150

 As we began this morning, I was reminded of another wonderful statement by Ram Dass who said very simply, “The only thing I have to offer you is who I am in this moment.” I would certainly ask you to recognize that is true for me and for all of us. And,if I could enhance that message just a bit, I would say, “All I have to give you is my perceptionof myself in this moment.” You could sit with that one for a while.

“Now, as we work with you, we pave the road.”

There are so many messages that come from this truth.

The simplest of which is you are not alone. If the books have not made it clear by now then we have been missing something. Those whom we call the human race are not the only beings that are continuing to discover and expand on their Divine inheritance. There are many beings with bodies and without, that are moving in a similar direction. An aspect or role of our participation in this continual evolution of love is that we help one another move forward. This is not about being better than or weaker than, it is simply a reminder that as others have “boosted” and energized us, so we boost others to their highest capacity.

“We pave the road.” I was reminded of how John the Baptist defined his role in relationship to opening to the Christ consciousness, personified in Jesus. In quoting Isaiah he repeated “to make the crooked ways straight and the rough ways smooth.”

We spent a good bit of our time exploring those seemingly unexplainable events in our lives that led us from one thing to another to another, all of which seem to culminate in an Awakening or an awareness that was beyond our thinking minds, beyond what we might have or could have planned for ourselves.

Simply put I was calling that “being led by the spirit,” but we need to keep in mind is even though most of us can identify with that language that for some other people or perhaps many others, their expression of that phenomenon would be different. No matter how it is expressed, it is only within awareness and openness that allows our sense of Truth to emerge.

I brought up these seemingly synchronistic or serendipitous chain of events in our lives because when we step back and look at them objectively, we realize that a power greater than ourselves, a power greater than our ego or a personality consciousness, has been helping to lead us in this direction of the evolution of Spirit.

Of course free will exists all through this process. At any time we could have laughed it off or told ourselves we just spaced out for a moment or that it was just a coincidence that had nothing to do with spiritual reality or many other forms of denial and rationalization.

We have all recognized, however, that when we are aware open consciously at a higher vibration that it is almost impossible to deny the power of Spirit working through us and teaching us. Often times, we might not realize this until the process is complete or maybe even years later.

There were any number of life circumstances that I could have talked about this morning. The one that seemed to be “up” for me was this particular chain of events: I moved from Columbus, In. to Louisville again, was hired by Charter Hospital in LaGrange, working in the field of alcohol and drug rehabilitation. During my stay in Columbus, I was just beginning to be open to the ideas and sense of metaphysical truth. Soon after coming to Charter, I was talking to one of my coworkers who mentioned that I might enjoy going to a psychic fair that weekend. I said “Fine” piquing my interest. At one of the booths there a lady who told both of us then we needed to buy a package of Blue Pearl incense and to read the message on the back. Well, interestingly  enough there wasn't any Blue Pearl at the psychic fair but my friend mentioned, “I know, they sell that at the Rainbow Blossom.” So we went to the Rainbow Blossom together each picked up a package of blue pearl incense and read the back. It was all about God being within you and around you and knowing yourself as a divine presence as well. The message was written by this Indian Guru name Muktananda. Now he had made his transition a few years ago but he had put his ministry in the hands of a young lady by the name of Chidvilasananda also known as Gurumai.
Soon after reading the incense package, Carol, my co-worker, said “Oh you know what, one of her monks from the ashram is going to be giving a talk at U of L tonight would you like to go?” Again my interest was piqued and I said “yes.” it was an interesting talk but did not relate to it a whole lot until he showed a video of Gurumai, and I found myself quite touched by her presence. He then mentioned that she would be having a weekend retreat in South Fallsburg New York and gave the dates. It just “so happened” I was going to to be in New York over that time and the dates fit in with the last part of my vacation, so I decided I was going to go. For the most part, over that weekend, I felt like a fish out of water, but at the end of the retreat I had a profound experience of what we might call higher vibration or higher awareness of a Deeper Self beyond what I ever realized before. All of these seemingly non-connected events that I seemed to have no conscious control over, except  accept them, occurred gently and powerfully, one after the other, to lead me to that deeper experience of Self.

At any point I could have said no or denied it but I did not.

A much simpler example came about this summer. Margo and I had stayed a week or so at a bed and breakfast on Lake Michigan. It was a really nice relaxed beautiful time. Because I am so directionally challenged my GPS has become a godsend and so as we were leaving the bed and breakfast I set it for home. We began driving down the main drag which was going to lead us to the highway when surprisingly the GPS directed me to turn left and go down this side street. I could have overridden that advice but I figured there must be a reason behind it. So, I'm going down the side street turn right turn right again another block and started traveling back to the main road that we had just gotten off of for no particular reason at all. Exceptthat on the corner of one of those turns when I stopped, there was a young mom walking by with her little son holding his hand and just as he walked past us in the car, he turned around and looked at us with this marvelous smile on his face and waved. I never saw him again, but I knew the reason why we took that detour was to experience the love and the joy of that little being that he wished to pass on. It was that simple and that profound.

We Are Paving the Way for You.

 “As each one of you encounters yourself, accepts yourself, embraces what you have known and releases those things you no longer need to carry with you on your journey, you move into a kind of liberation of the soul. The personality, who has decided for so long what things must look like, how the path should unfold to conform to some ideal that somebody else once said was so, will be moved into proper alignment. And the withstanding of this, we say, in true recognition of the Divine Self as the aspect of you that has been born again, born anew, born through your expression, is what will heal others.”

Although we have explored this area before, it struck me as important to repeat again. One of our jobs is to release or to let go of those patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve us. Now what I realized was this release or letting go doesn't happen just because I want it to or just because I think some ideas or objects have outgrown their purpose. The release only happens when I am ready to allow it to be released, and most of the time, if not all of the time, what is happens spiritually within me, even beyond the conscious level of awareness, is that  a new pattern of thought and behavior have already entered into my life that make the old pattern irrelevant or absolutely unnecessary.

What was fascinating this morning was that no one(not even me) was dwelling on what they needed to get rid of. The focus, without even thinking about it too much, wais the realization that new patterns of thought and behavior had been created in a way that allowed us to easily to let go and release those old ones that no longer serve us.

It was evident to me and probably most of us but there was a palpable energy of realization and transformation in our room together. There are no words for that.

The spirit knows with the Mind cannot comprehend. When we are awake and aware, not only is anything possible, but we can truly see and find God-- love, peace, compassion, serenity-- in all things all creation.

Thank you thank you thank you 

Monday, November 4, 2019


“Religion is the emulation of the adult by the child. Religion is the encystment of past beliefs: mythology, which is guesswork, the hidden assumptions of trust in the universe, those pronouncements which men have made in search of personal power, all of it mingled with shreds of enlightenment. And always the ultimate unspoken commandment is “Thou shalt not question.” But we (do) question; we break that commandment as a matter of course. The work to which we have set ourselves is a liberating of the imagination, the harnessing of the imagination to humankind's deepest sense of creativity.”
From Children of Dune, by Frank Herbert


P. 148-149

We went a little far afield exploring some psychic phenomenon, but if you would like to get a look at how Paul operates and how the Guides operate through him, you might just want to check out Paul Selig on Google or YouTube. You will find plenty of recordings. 
Paul notes that he is perfectly conscious and aware of when the Guides are speaking through him and is very aware of what they are saying, and, at times, as we as we have noticed in the books, the Guides can also pick up Paul's thoughts, especially if something is troubling him.

Along with being a channel for the guides, Paul has also allowed himself to be sort of a measuring stick for each one of us by asking the questions that maybe we are afraid to ask or don't even notice within ourselves, and also to respond to many of those internal challenges that come about when we might have the desire to change but are fearful or reluctant or confused about the mechanism of change or transformation.

We continue with the theme of being aware of our history and changing its influence on us, if we choose to. It is already presumed through study of the brain and behavior that about 80% of our actions are controlled or dictated by the unconscious mind. The conundrum here is that we have free will, but have to be conscious enough to be able to use it.
In some ways we have really been exploring that question “How free are we?” Yes we have free will, but how often during a day am I actually using it?

A gentle reminder for me, and perhaps for you as well: although many of the ideas on a thinking- intellectual level appear to be repetitious, there are at least two important realizations to bring to consciousness. One is that every insight can be examined and applied more deeply. How often have each one of us discovered that we have a deeper awareness of a particular spiritual principle as we continue this work? Again, the mind/ the intellect would like to be able to categorize everything into a nice neat little packages and then put it on the shelf and wait for the next idea to come along and essentially say “Oh that is just like what was on page 56.” 
Just look at how often have we delved more deeply into a poem or song or another form of music or a book or even a conversation with a friend. We do not turn it off or throw it away simply because it seems to be somewhat familiar. Imagine what it would be like to follow through with the thought “Oh, I listened to my wife or my husband or my friend yesterday. I really don't need to listen today. They probably have nothing new to tell me.”

We do not ignore or struggle with the intellectual mind’s need to categorize and control, but we do realize that it is not within the intellect that our understanding and the energy of transformation lies.

The Second quality that calls for our continuing awareness is a fairly new piece of agenda that I need to keep calling my attention back to. I am paraphrasing the Guides here for a moment. What they have suggested is that along with the physical book you hold and the words that are written there and even the ideas that are called forth--all of that is  simply the backdrop for the raising of your vibrational energy. By picking up the book or listening to a class recording or even reading one of these reflections, you are demonstrating your willingness and your intention and by doing so opening yourself up to a higher vibration. A higher vibration energy(of healing, evolution and transformation) is being made available to you through the loving energy of the beings that are guiding this work.

Suppose you are at a museum or an art gallery or a theater or with an orchestra. Simply because your senses are involved or aligned with the art and beauty that is in front of you your vibrations are being raised without any conscious effort on your part.

In the last sharing I used that image of the Olympic sport of Curling, where the sweepers represent the Guides working like crazy to clear the way( so far that is the best image I can come up with.--you can also check it out on youtube). It is important to realize that we are moving ourselves like the stone on the ice, but we are also being helped and guided at the same time. Perhaps just as important is to know the efforts that each one of us makes, seemingly on an individual basis, contributes to the growth in the evolution of the whole.

(This is not quite an image, more of a metaphor--but sometimes I Imagine myself reading from the book and all around me is this gigantic chorus of angelic beings filling my space, singing/chanting a loving mantra. So I am doing my work in reading and study, and at the same time, in the background, my inner and outer vibration is being raised in a way that I could not do all by myself).

Nothing is wasted. All beings are affected by our choice to be in higher or lower vibration. 

 All of this fits in a way to be aware that old, ingrained  patterns of behavior and thought require a certain amount of energy to move through, to move through the natural inertia that comes with an established pattern of thought or behavior. In other words, it is perfectly natural to either go back to or to be influenced by a pattern that has already been well established. Although we are focusing on moving through old patterns of thought and behavior that are directly related to our spiritual growth and evolution, we are also encouraged to realize that so many things that we do and think are also the product of old programming or patterns that exist within us both on an individual basis and also as part of a racial consciousness.

“Now Paul is interrupting. “It is too hard. I can’t get through a day without getting angry or being worried or projecting my fate in some uncomfortable way.” You must understand, each of you, that so much of what you attend to is habit. This is habit, and a habit can be broken if you attend to it. If you have always gone to work left, right, and left, down the same road every day for many years, the impulse is to do the same regardless of the new path that has been laid for you. And the new path, we are telling you, is a much lighter path. It’s a much more wonderful path. But so often, you revert to what the known has been, because you are challenged by the prospect of change, that it may not be what you want, what you seek, what you thought you were going to get when you made the choice to go on the journey.”

Paul was objecting here about how difficult, how hard all of this seems. It seems so difficult to stay awake all the time; so difficult to transform all of these patterns of thought and behavior that seemed to keep us stuck.

And yes we recognize the difficulty here, but much of the problem is the result of you holding onto this work as a struggle. It is only a struggle when you make it such. If you realize that the transforming old patterns of thought and behavior requires work to move through the inertia, then the work you are doing is simply part of the process. In other words, I am not struggling with the old or trying to pound it into submission, I simply realize, ”Oh in order to be able to move from point A to point B, I need to do this or I need to do that.” 
It is interesting that we apply this principle quite often in our lives without even thinking about it.
If I want to grow potatoes, I realize I have to till the soil, plant the “eyes” and dig up the taters in the fall. I’m not struggling with anything, I’m just doing the necessary work required.

Let's suppose we took another simple example--you want to get your body get in better shape. Well we realize there is work involved. I might need to set some time aside to exercise; remind myself to drink more water. I might have to change my diet; there are some foods I might need to drop and other foods I might need to make more use of. Now we realize that there is a sense of work here that must be done. There is also can be a sense of awkwardness as we are moving from one space to another. When I can realize that these responses are perfectly natural, I do not have to make what I am doing into a struggle, I simply accept the reality of things. In moving from where I am now to the place I want to go to is requiring me to do some things differently. Again we are not denying the work that is involved, but there is a huge difference if we make it into a struggle compared to just simply realizing it is part of the process.

We take a few moments to examine the thinking mind again, and realize that part of its nature is to have a preconceived notion of what the results of a particular action or movement will look like. Again that is a natural response of the mind. However I am reminded of that marvelous quote from Chogyam Trumpa, “Enlightenment is the ego's greatest disappointment.”

You see the ego or the personality has an idea of what enlightenment is going to be what it's going to be like.

“Now, when we tell you that the path before you may not be what you expect, we are simply telling you that it may not adhere to the promises you have made to yourself about what a life should look like. “Because I am now spiritual, my needs will all be met effortlessly, I will love my neighbor, I will see the beauty in everyone, and I will have to attend only to my own thoughts.” Well, that is all well and good. But you do not arrive to a place of enlightenment without encountering those parts of you that would keep you in abeyance, that would keep you in the darkness. And we promise you this: There is no one who goes on this road who does not encounter herself, in all her fear, all her creations, and must come to the understanding that she is still loved. The aspect of you—and there are several aspects of you that would deny the darkness—will call you forward, and the aspects of you that would fear the light will keep you, as they can, in shadow.
Now, as we work with you, we pave the road. We pave “those parts of you that would keep you in abeyance, that would keep you in the darkness. And we promise you this: There is no one who goes on this road who does not encounter herself, in all her fear, all her creations, and must come to the understanding that she is still loved. The aspect of you—and there are several aspects of you that would deny the darkness—will call you forward, and the aspects of you that would fear the light will keep you, as they can, in shadow.”

That second Last sentence deeply moved me 
“And we promise you this: There is no one who goes on this road who does not encounter herself, in all her fear, all her creations, and must come to the understanding that she is still loved.”

I was still thinking about that Enlightenment quote and was pleasantly surprised when Love showed up again. I was reminded of the Apostle Paul's reflection that “nothing absolutely nothing can separate you from the love of God.”

Now those attributes might or might not be so but notice what we are doing here we are using the small self to Define what is occurring was in higher consciousness. Do you get the impossibility of that.

Again we are not denying the need or the ability of the thinking mind to do whatever it is it needs to do. We simply realize it is creating an illusion or an image that sort of serves as a pacifier for a moment, but that the real work is being done on a higher level of consciousness, in a realm of Mystery it goes beyond the grasp of the thinking mind.

 As quoted before, the saying of Jesus “Eye has not seen nor ear heard nor has it entered into the heart of man…” A simple yet direct way to let you know that we are not talking about earthly material or intellectual understanding, we speaking of opening to a Truth beyond those limited levels of awareness. 

Thanks to John Russell for this marvelous piece of wisdom!

Monday, October 28, 2019


“To be is to do”—Socrates.
“To do is to be”—Jean-Paul Sartre.
“Do be do be do”—Frank Sinatra.

P. 147-148
No , that’s not a mistake--same numbers as last week--we just went deeper!

Often times when we pray we have a preconceived notion of how that prayer should be answered or how we think it will be answered. Although this is a natural inclination of the mind you can begin to notice that our preconceived or pre-programmed notions of what should be, drastically limit our awareness. You probably recall the old joke about the two row boats and a helicopter* Well this is a similar dynamics.

*A severe flood hits a remote village. The resident of one home decides to stay and pray that God will save him. The water rises and a man in a boat comes by, but the homeowner politely thanks him and says, “God will save me.” A little later the water is up to the top floor and another rowboat comes by with the same response. Finally he is sitting on the roof and a helicopter comes by and offers to carry him to safety--, “No, thank you, God will save me.” 
The water continues to rise and he finally drowns. 
He is quite annoyed with his Creator as he comes to the gates of heaven and unloads on St. Peter who finally responds--”Joe, what the hell do you want we sent you two rowboats and a helicopter. 

It is important to note that we are not being asked to do something that we do not do all the time anyway. When we are watching a movie or reading a fantasy or present at a musical play, we are doing with some teachers would call “the willful suspension of disbelief.” We don't go about criticizing the impossibility of people dancing in the streets, we just simply accept that and enjoy it as part of the show.

Somehow we seem to think in matters of the spirit that we should completely understand and agree with and even predict what shows up. When we are in that limited state of consciousness we are looking over there for the answer when the answer presented to me is right in front of my nose.

“And the alignment that we are offering you now, to a higher vibration, a higher way of seeing, will do much of the work for you provided you set the intention to hold your vibration, and your awareness of the worth of your fellows, and the self in truth, in high and wise acknowledgment in the inherent divine within all. ”

Our willingness and intention to see things differently, to be raised to a higher vibration, can allow that to happen. I think the imagery used a while ago was imagining dropping the sandbags that were holding down this hot air balloon. The balloon rises on its own, to a higher vibration, once we let go of the preconceived notions that we were holding on to.

A number of years ago when working with this material I had the image of an Olympic sport called “curling.” It is a type of shuffleboard on ice. Along with attempting to place the stone in the highest point area, two of the teammates with brooms or brushes are madly sweeping in front of this moving stone to guide it in the desired direction. They do not touch the stone; they simply clear the path. It is very similar to the biblical reference made by John the Baptist to “make the rough ways smooth and the crooked ways straight.” Once the path has been cleared, it is quite a bit easier for me to travel on. 

This counteracts the preconceived notion that I carry with me quite often that somehow or another I am doing this all by myself and that this work of Spirit appears to be drudgery more than anything else.

It is quite fascinating to me as we work together on Sunday mornings how much humor we can work into our study and our Awakening. It reinforces for me that this whole thing could be quite a joyful experience!

We mentioned that being at a higher vibration gives us a different point of view. The old points of view or the turmoil below continue to exist. It is just that they no longer have much of an influence over us. My higher vision or my higher vibration allows me to see these (lower vibrational energies) as the limitation that they are.

There was a question that made reference to “The Disappearance of the Universe,” and for those who are not aware of it that is a book title by Gary Renard. He is a student of the Course and one of the major teachings of A Course in Miracles is that all of this stuff is an illusion and once we let go or release all of our illusory ideas or attachments there are no more lessons to be learned and so the world of matter or the classroom we have created is no longer necessary and disappears. The course might say it had no substance anyway.

I'm not going to get into a philosophical debate about real or unreal or Illusion or not. My viewpoint today, although that might change, is that as long as I am here then I am still choosing to learn and to grow.

One of the insights that was revealed to me a while ago was that Love or God or the Creative Source, whatever you would like to call it, is not a static entity. It evolves, and each one of us in our own unique way through our learning, through our growing, through our stretching, through our expression, contributes to that evolution.

This idea stands in stark contrast to my ego or my personality self that looks at all this in a very linear way and wants it to be done, wants it to be finished. For me that is probably one of my more conscious struggles. Although I hesitate to use the word struggle. I am working on moving away from that sort of negativity.

I guess I might be able to say along with Doctor Seuss, Life's a great Balancing Act. We live in a world where we have created duality as being one of our more formidable teachers and at the same time we realize that duality is not the truth. There is only One. That is why it is so silly to speak of my divine nature when really there is only One. There is no such thing as my divine nature or your divine nature, there is simply Divine Nature.

The seeming contradiction we explored towards the end of our work this morning had to do with the sense or the idea of loving and embracing our own worthiness, and realizing that when we embrace our worthiness, we are embracing ourselves right where we are at this moment, which again sometimes can be a limited perception, but at the same time we open ourselves to continuing growth in evolution.

It is only in linear time that we need to decide which one of those comes first--embracing myself or openness to the possibilities of life. In the world of Spirit those two energies are so intertwined with one another, are so dependent upon one another, that it is truly impossible to decide which comes first or which one necessitates the other.

They both exist. Now we recognize there are times when you might experience yourself as being down or depleted that it will be necessary for you to first consciously reinforce your worth by embracing the self as you perceive it to be at this moment. But even when that occurs, we encourage you to be aware that you are doing a necessary piece of work by pulling yourself out of or allowing yourself to rise above the illusion of separateness.

Thank you all for your love and your devotion to the work we all do as individuals and to know that the work we are doing with or for or by ourselves Hutches and Grace's every moment and every aspect of creation. 

I could not resist this one:

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


We could say that the history of human suffering is our inability to come to terms with spiritual hunger. Like one big cosmic joke, humans were born yearning for a home of tranquil abiding, yet without the map to get there. In every age some people seem to know more than others about the way home. They have been called shamans, prophets, and messiahs, monks and gurus, poets and philosophers, scientists and psychologists. They spend their time contemplating the way home and reporting their findings. Religions and big bang theories are attributed to their wisdom. Yet when all is said and done, each one of us is left abiding in the mystery, longing for the tranquillity that is whispered about in the depths of our own hearts. Thus a critical step on the spiritual path, and one that we will take over and over, is to let ourselves experience spiritual hunger long enough and deep enough to follow it to its source.
                             Lesser, Elizabeth. The Seeker's Guide


No one ever explained this to me before and it is just starting to make sense to me now. We have varied forms of awareness. We sometimes speak in the language of the Higher Self, Christ Consciousness as opposed to a lower self or an ego- personality consciousness. Unfortunately that imagery and description lends itself to another form of dualistic thinking. Sort of like the image of having an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other.

What we are looking at here however, is that we are functioning on various levels of awareness and perception. The more awake, more aware that we are, the more we have the ability to choose (what vibration, what frequency, what “station” we are listening to). What we might have perceived in the past as being a struggle between good and evil or the higher and the lower, is simply the reflection of the natural resistance that exists when we were going about doing something new.

Quite a while ago I used the idea of imagining a hillside and you were holding a heavy ball then you let roll down the hill. In the beginning, it is totally arbitrary of what path the ball might take. After a while however, the rolling of the ball creates grooves or ruts in the hillside which the ball will naturally seek out because they have less resistance. Now if we want the ball to take a new path, it is going to require some guidance, some direction, and there will be resistance, because seeking out a well-worn path is energetically much simpler and easier to do.
(Remember this one: “If you always do what you've always done; you’ll always get what you've always got”).

One aspect of this learning today is to imagine ourselves in the same state. There is a natural resistance to creating a new behavior or new pattern which in many ways might be “outside the box” of the pathway we are used to using. We urge you all to be aware that resistance does not necessarily mean struggle, but it does mean moving past or through the inertia that might be created by old patterns of thought and action.

Another lesson that is connected to all of this as well, and here is where my past learning has become stuck sometimes, is that I find myself attempting to reach and touch the Divine within me with my limited personality-ego consciousness. Do you get a sense of the contradiction here?

It is like trying to go to the moon riding on the tail of a kite. It's a perfectly wonderful kite, but it is not made to go past is stratosphere. It does a wonderful job floating on the wind here on earth, but that is all it can do. We can be utterly frustrating and filled with condemnation and judgment when we try and make it do what it cannot. I am not judging the kite. It is a perfectly marvelous and wonderful kite, it is just not made to do the task that I have set for it. 
My personality, body, mind, history etc. can eventually become a perfect vehicle for the Divine Light to shine through, but it is not the Light it self, not can it really “comprehend” the Light. ( I think that might have been what John was hinting at when he stated, “The Light shone in the darkness and the darkness knew it not.”)—up until now, I was never sure what he was talking about!!

Now in the midst of our spiritual search we have all done much learning through books and workshops and strangely enough we are not denying the importance of these. Many times the experience offered the intellect or the personality consciousness sometimes can wake up a part or an aspect or a hunger for a deeper spiritual experience within us. There are times also when our thinking mind, our personality, brings us to the edge of deeper awareness but it can go no further. If we are gentle and non-judging towards ourselves, we can be grateful for these moments leading us up to the point of surrender again. We might not have been able to get there if simply left to our own devices.

Another example from this morning was that of a hot air balloon that is hovering slightly above the ground but is weighted down with a number of sandbags(attachments/addictions) and what the guides are helping us do is to release or cut some of those sandbags loose so that we can rise to a higher level of vibration and knowing. Notice we did not condemn the lower knowing or lower vibration. We recognize that our awareness and experience of it was a necessary step in the process. When we realize that we can even be grateful for the teachings of the lower vibration is brought to us.

A continuing frustration for me is “falling into forgetfulness.” I became aware this morning that my forgetfulness is an opening to the awareness of the attachments I have that are getting in the way. So, the trip is not just about waking up again, it about becoming aware of what put me to sleep and working with that.

Now, when we offer you this, very simply we are saying that these new ideas that we are offering you, that seem to be there above you somehow, are, in fact, possible but you cannot attend to them in fullness with the level of perception that you have held to this date. If you held the level of perception that would help you understand this, to call this into your being, to know it as so, we promise you this: You would have done it already. So what we are responsible for now, as your teachers, are lifting you to a new vantage point where this new understanding is possible, where the limitations you have used to keep yourself at bay no longer serve you and you move beyond them to a new acceptance of what is there always. And we say this with emphasis, what is there always.”

Even though we speak of a “new” level of awareness nothing new is being created here. You are moving to a level of awareness that has always existed.

Now we do not want to neglect another factor here that we might begin to call your inner longing. You have become aware in this study and studies like it of a deep yearning, a hunger within your soul, not only to be at peace but to be embraced by that sense of oneness and wholeness that you already know exists. Your longing is like a spring-board that, with the energy of willingness, intention and surrender, projects you into a deeper and more complete way of knowing (of who you are).

You cannot yearn for something that you don't already have some experience of, even on just a deep level of your soul that you are not totally conscious of. If you were attempting to explain the taste Häagen-Dazs Chocolate Chocolate Chip to a native in the Amazon rainforest, there would be no language, their would be no common ground and therefore there would be no comprehension. There is nothing wrong with either one of you, it is just the experience that is lacking. And the experience is necessary for the awareness. 
What we are suggesting here is that an aspect of your soul is always resonating at this higher level or this higher frequency even though you might not be aware of it. Your deep awareness of this higher vibration responds as you are called to it even though it might not seem that you have the experience.

Another example of this is also something you have all experienced. You have all read some books more than once and often times you have had the experience of seemingly seeing a sentence or idea for the first time, almost as if that paragraph was not there the first time you read the book. Now, what is going on here? In between the first reading and the second you have become aware on some level of your being of a life experience that you can now relate to and that this section of the book on some level refers to. Before you had that experience whatever might have been there in the book was nothing but words. There was no inner experience for that concept “stick” to.

As we lift you to a higher vantage point in your knowing, in your awareness, you are not discovering what has not been there, you are accepting what is there already. When an explorer went off in a boat and discovered a continent, he discovered what had been there always, but was misperceived, was thought to be illusory, legendary, but not fact. Our responsibility now, as you allow us, is to re-create your consciousness in accordance with the Word, in accordance with the Divine Self that you are, so that what you claim, what you perceive, is in alignment with this truth. The decisions you make from this level of awareness must be very different from what you have made in lower vibration, for the simple reason that you see things differently, you understand them differently, and you attend to the needs of the self and others from this perspective in a different way.”

We are hoping in this work that we are sharing together that you will all be in to look at your needs and the needs of the other in a different light.

Last week I described that moment of awakening that came about through the simple words “I am a divine child of God and so are you.” Now I realize I might forget that, but it will never truly be beyond my reach and because of that I cannot but perceive myself and you and my relationship to you differently than I might have an past.

Peace, Joy, Love and Gratitude.