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 As we began this morning, I was reminded of another wonderful statement by Ram Dass who said very simply, “The only thing I have to offer you is who I am in this moment.” I would certainly ask you to recognize that is true for me and for all of us. And,if I could enhance that message just a bit, I would say, “All I have to give you is my perceptionof myself in this moment.” You could sit with that one for a while.

“Now, as we work with you, we pave the road.”

There are so many messages that come from this truth.

The simplest of which is you are not alone. If the books have not made it clear by now then we have been missing something. Those whom we call the human race are not the only beings that are continuing to discover and expand on their Divine inheritance. There are many beings with bodies and without, that are moving in a similar direction. An aspect or role of our participation in this continual evolution of love is that we help one another move forward. This is not about being better than or weaker than, it is simply a reminder that as others have “boosted” and energized us, so we boost others to their highest capacity.

“We pave the road.” I was reminded of how John the Baptist defined his role in relationship to opening to the Christ consciousness, personified in Jesus. In quoting Isaiah he repeated “to make the crooked ways straight and the rough ways smooth.”

We spent a good bit of our time exploring those seemingly unexplainable events in our lives that led us from one thing to another to another, all of which seem to culminate in an Awakening or an awareness that was beyond our thinking minds, beyond what we might have or could have planned for ourselves.

Simply put I was calling that “being led by the spirit,” but we need to keep in mind is even though most of us can identify with that language that for some other people or perhaps many others, their expression of that phenomenon would be different. No matter how it is expressed, it is only within awareness and openness that allows our sense of Truth to emerge.

I brought up these seemingly synchronistic or serendipitous chain of events in our lives because when we step back and look at them objectively, we realize that a power greater than ourselves, a power greater than our ego or a personality consciousness, has been helping to lead us in this direction of the evolution of Spirit.

Of course free will exists all through this process. At any time we could have laughed it off or told ourselves we just spaced out for a moment or that it was just a coincidence that had nothing to do with spiritual reality or many other forms of denial and rationalization.

We have all recognized, however, that when we are aware open consciously at a higher vibration that it is almost impossible to deny the power of Spirit working through us and teaching us. Often times, we might not realize this until the process is complete or maybe even years later.

There were any number of life circumstances that I could have talked about this morning. The one that seemed to be “up” for me was this particular chain of events: I moved from Columbus, In. to Louisville again, was hired by Charter Hospital in LaGrange, working in the field of alcohol and drug rehabilitation. During my stay in Columbus, I was just beginning to be open to the ideas and sense of metaphysical truth. Soon after coming to Charter, I was talking to one of my coworkers who mentioned that I might enjoy going to a psychic fair that weekend. I said “Fine” piquing my interest. At one of the booths there a lady who told both of us then we needed to buy a package of Blue Pearl incense and to read the message on the back. Well, interestingly  enough there wasn't any Blue Pearl at the psychic fair but my friend mentioned, “I know, they sell that at the Rainbow Blossom.” So we went to the Rainbow Blossom together each picked up a package of blue pearl incense and read the back. It was all about God being within you and around you and knowing yourself as a divine presence as well. The message was written by this Indian Guru name Muktananda. Now he had made his transition a few years ago but he had put his ministry in the hands of a young lady by the name of Chidvilasananda also known as Gurumai.
Soon after reading the incense package, Carol, my co-worker, said “Oh you know what, one of her monks from the ashram is going to be giving a talk at U of L tonight would you like to go?” Again my interest was piqued and I said “yes.” it was an interesting talk but did not relate to it a whole lot until he showed a video of Gurumai, and I found myself quite touched by her presence. He then mentioned that she would be having a weekend retreat in South Fallsburg New York and gave the dates. It just “so happened” I was going to to be in New York over that time and the dates fit in with the last part of my vacation, so I decided I was going to go. For the most part, over that weekend, I felt like a fish out of water, but at the end of the retreat I had a profound experience of what we might call higher vibration or higher awareness of a Deeper Self beyond what I ever realized before. All of these seemingly non-connected events that I seemed to have no conscious control over, except  accept them, occurred gently and powerfully, one after the other, to lead me to that deeper experience of Self.

At any point I could have said no or denied it but I did not.

A much simpler example came about this summer. Margo and I had stayed a week or so at a bed and breakfast on Lake Michigan. It was a really nice relaxed beautiful time. Because I am so directionally challenged my GPS has become a godsend and so as we were leaving the bed and breakfast I set it for home. We began driving down the main drag which was going to lead us to the highway when surprisingly the GPS directed me to turn left and go down this side street. I could have overridden that advice but I figured there must be a reason behind it. So, I'm going down the side street turn right turn right again another block and started traveling back to the main road that we had just gotten off of for no particular reason at all. Exceptthat on the corner of one of those turns when I stopped, there was a young mom walking by with her little son holding his hand and just as he walked past us in the car, he turned around and looked at us with this marvelous smile on his face and waved. I never saw him again, but I knew the reason why we took that detour was to experience the love and the joy of that little being that he wished to pass on. It was that simple and that profound.

We Are Paving the Way for You.

 “As each one of you encounters yourself, accepts yourself, embraces what you have known and releases those things you no longer need to carry with you on your journey, you move into a kind of liberation of the soul. The personality, who has decided for so long what things must look like, how the path should unfold to conform to some ideal that somebody else once said was so, will be moved into proper alignment. And the withstanding of this, we say, in true recognition of the Divine Self as the aspect of you that has been born again, born anew, born through your expression, is what will heal others.”

Although we have explored this area before, it struck me as important to repeat again. One of our jobs is to release or to let go of those patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve us. Now what I realized was this release or letting go doesn't happen just because I want it to or just because I think some ideas or objects have outgrown their purpose. The release only happens when I am ready to allow it to be released, and most of the time, if not all of the time, what is happens spiritually within me, even beyond the conscious level of awareness, is that  a new pattern of thought and behavior have already entered into my life that make the old pattern irrelevant or absolutely unnecessary.

What was fascinating this morning was that no one(not even me) was dwelling on what they needed to get rid of. The focus, without even thinking about it too much, wais the realization that new patterns of thought and behavior had been created in a way that allowed us to easily to let go and release those old ones that no longer serve us.

It was evident to me and probably most of us but there was a palpable energy of realization and transformation in our room together. There are no words for that.

The spirit knows with the Mind cannot comprehend. When we are awake and aware, not only is anything possible, but we can truly see and find God-- love, peace, compassion, serenity-- in all things all creation.

Thank you thank you thank you 

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