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            Solomon was asked by Yahweh what gift he desired to receive. He asked for wisdom and “So God said to him, “Since you have asked for this and not for long life or wealth for yourself, nor have asked for the death of your enemies but for discernment in administering justice,12 I will do what you have asked. I will give you a wise and discerning heart, so that there will never have been anyone like you, nor will there ever be.13 Moreover, I will give you what you have not asked for—both wealth and honor—so that in your lifetime you will have no equal among kings.”

Now this is a story, yes, or a myth perhaps, but it is also a truth. As a seeker of wisdom and with an openness to receive it, you also open yourself up to everything else in return. If you have wisdom, true wisdom, the git of discernment, then you know how to fathom or explore all other gifts.


There should be a warning label on wisdom however, because it is not usually what you think it ought to be or should be. It has nothing to do with being right, it is not connected with the ego or personality consciousness at all, nor does it necessarily produce the emotions or feelings of goodness, of righteousness. True wisdom is beyond that.


Just to go back for a moment to a past paragraph 


“You true soul’s yearning, we say, is to be embodied in the Christ manifestation.”

That is simply another way to describe wisdom. In this sense, it is an awareness and a listening to the deep inner yearning of your soul, but it goes beyond that is well because it also begins to touch the Object of that yearning.


I've mentioned this quote from Augustine before, but it always strikes me as being pertinent. His prayer goes thusly “Lord you have made our hearts restless and they will never rest until they rest in Thee.”


I cannot tell you how many times that prayer, that statement, comes back to me. It is especially poignant to me when I find myself overly involved in my emotions and feelings. I know I have mentioned this many times before as well, and I am probably doing it now because I need to hear it again myself. My emotions and my feelings are an important part of life, but they do not define who I am, nor do they define my spiritual state. There have been many times when I have been called to recognize the truth ofbeing unconditionally loved by Godand also being part of that Divine spirit at the same time. If I find myself listening to only my emotions or my feelings, my response to that wonderful statement “You are Divine Child of God” would be, “Well it certainly doesn't feel that way!”


And that's true. It doesn't feel that way, but which is true, the truth of my knowing who I am or how I happened to be feeling at this moment. Again I am not denying the power and the importance of my feelings or my emotional nature, I am just suggesting again that equating how I feel with a definition of who I am is just nonsense. I've done that too much in my life already.


It seems like I am telling a lot of old stories today but I won't apologize because they do have some meaning. Years ago when guided imagery first came onto the scene as a part of pop psychology and inner healing, a colleague of mine and myself used to use some techniques in group therapy sessions at a treatment center. One of the primary exercises we would do was called “The wise person exercise” or meeting a wise person. The object was to lead the group through an imagery of walking through the woods or climbing a mountain and eventually meeting a wise person at the end of this journey-- a person who you could pose with a question that had been puzzling you. Inevitably they would ask the question and when we would bring them back back here to planet Earth again, practically everyone had an answer to their question, even though it might not have been what they expected. Now the important piece here was not just the answer to the question, but to give the individuals the opportunity to explore where that wisdom came from. Usually, without thinking, they would tell us that the answer came from the wise person on the mountain who might have been Jesus or Buddha or Mary or a friend or relative of theirs and they loved and respected. But as we explored it a little bit more, some individuals became aware that the answer to the question came from inside of themselves as puzzling is that might have been.


It was a deep essential truth, but they began to become aware of that no matter what the question, no matter how confusing or how deep it might happen to be, there is a part or an aspect of the Self that realizes the answer. 

I can recall when I was in therapy years ago is my therapist, a very wise man in his own right, once told me “I will accept anything you tell me except when you say ‘I don't know.’” “I don't know” was a signal to me that you do know, but for some reason or another you are not willing to look at the answer. That directive really irked me quite often, but I continue to recognize the truth of it. I did know; I might not have wanted to be aware of that knowing, because that might have called me into some difficult stuff or some healing or awareness that I was not or did not think I was ready for yet. But here it is. I would catch myself periodically wanting to say “I don't know,” but as soon as those words came to mind I would stop. I would breathe; I would remind myself that I did know and let the answer come to me as difficult as that might be. 



“Take a moment now and simply be still and ask yourself a question that you know the answer to—“I know that my address is . . .” “I know the day of the week that this is . . .”—and then take a moment, and hear the answer come to you. Now take a pause and ask yourself a question that you do not know the answer to—“I know the reason I am . . .” “I am willing to know the reason I am . . .”—perhaps, if you wish to frame it as a question.”


This paragraph is probably an example of what the guides are calling your “homework.” (which I will touch upon more deeply a little later). It is easy to simply read over a paragraph like that and gloss over it, but avoid the opportunity of diving into it and perhaps wrestling with it a bit perhaps feeling your own resistance.


“But when you go into a question, you must align to the possibility that the answer that comes will not be the convenient one, the one you had hoped for, the one your mother told you would be. So we offer you this: Ask yourself a question you do not know the answer to and be still and know. Now, knowing, we say, is not grabbing, it is not asking, it is receiving. You may claim your knowing in reception by allowing and aligning to it.“I am wisdom,”as we told you, will align your vibration to the conscious knowing that may be available to you at any moment.”



No matter how you know, what matters is it says is your willingness, your openness to the possibility that wisdom is yours at this moment no matter what your situation might be, no matter how difficult or complicated the life situation is the you might find yourself in.


Now the answers, we say, do not come from your ego or your personality consciousness, they come from the Truth of your soul, your spiritual nature, the quality of the Divine that you are a manifestation of. A hint about wisdom: it will guide and direct you if you are willing to listen and ask for the guidance, but it might change from day-to-day and might only apply to you under certain circumstances. Your awareness of wisdom is the manifestation of the voice of the divine within you, and your trip is not somebody else's. What is true wisdom for you, might not be for another.


The books and the guides often talk about an energy field about them always being present and that the text itself goes beyond the words of the printed material. Contained within the words and print is high vibration of awareness and healing. I forget that once in a while, but I am always reminded of that as we come to a close on Sunday morning when we allow ourselves to quiet down a little bit. We become aware of this what I call openness or spaciousness that we realize we have created by our combined effort of openness to the truth but which is also created in manifested through the guides the Angels the beings who are helping us on this part of our process.


The simplest a metaphor I could come up with was to imagine that each Sunday morning that along with our physical bodies here are a bunch of disembodied spirits who are singing or chanting something very, very powerful. It's all in the background. We might not be aware of it with our physical senses, but it is happening all the time and just gently and powerfully raising the vibration not only of our thoughts but also of our entire being.


Now I want to suggest that this is not just happening Sunday morning, and it's certainly not just happening when you are reading this book or similar one like this. That chorus of high vibration, of the chanting, of a healing mantra, is going on all the time, no matter what we happen to be doing-- driving a car, making the bed, brushing our teeth, taking a walk, sitting at our job being bored-- whatever it might happen to be, higher vibration, not just my higher vibration, but the higher vibration of All is always here for me .


The chapter on wisdom begins to close with this marvelous prayer and affirmation which contains the essence of the material that has been taught over the past few months. I would encourage each one of us to repeat this to ourselves either out loud or silently within and just sit with this energy for a while. Do not question, do not try to understand it, just let it come to you. Let the vibration from the source that is created this prayer, this loving affirmation, let it speak to you, however it chooses to speak to you. 



“On this day, I align myself to the next level of awareness that may be available to me in this incarnation. I set the intention that I am being attended to in this lifting so that I may see and perceive the information and the truth, the creations that are available to me at this level of sight. I agree to be supported in this alignment, and I offer myself to the guides who work with this text to support me in my own growth and well-being. I choose this of my own free will. As I lift my spirit, I lift my life. As I lift my life, all unfolds before me in perfect ways. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”


I have been taking guitar lessons for years and sort of bouncing between one teacher and another. I found I was never quite satisfied. I really did not want to learn musical scales or learn how to play each and every note on the fretboard. I wanted to be able to learn how to play and enjoy playing and advance my skills in some ways. Through the help of John Gage, I came in contact with a wonderful teacher who I'm still with today. The point of this brief piece of my history is to align with something that is said in the last paragraph or so of this lesson. 

When I go to my guitar lesson, I would learn something and even if I did not practice it during the week. The next lesson could pick up where I left off. BUT there was a huge difference if I practiced in between lessons. Without practice, I still learned something, but it wasn't very deep. With practice there was a whole other dimension that continue to open up for me 



“The lecture that we are giving you now is as much about responsibility as it is wisdom and perception, and we will echo this lecture, again and again, as we continue our teaching. Many of you wish to be taught, but you do not wish to do the homework. Many of you wish to receive information, but you do not want to attend to the possibilities that it offers you. Many of you wish to learn, but you do not wish to do. So we are supporting you each.

Paul is seeing the image of a ski lift. The skiers are all bundled up in their winter clothing and they are being carried up a mountain. And that is the appropriate image of today. We are carrying you up the mountain to the new view. You will see the new view, and you will decide for yourself what is before you.”


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