Tuesday, January 19, 2021


P. 156-157 

“Now when we speak of love, we encounter resistance from Paul, who still thinks that love is something that is unattainable, or an ideal that is a wonderful thing to speak of, but has no foundation in truth in his own experience. Of course, that is not so. And the first thing we have to do with each of you is define what you mean by love. When you say that you are in love, you are in a frequency, a divine frequency that will lift you to an expression of love in all that you encounter. When you are not in love, and not in accord with that vibration, your experience reflects that, and you offer yourself to a life without this alignment.”

Leave when the guides speak of a definition of love they are not speaking of an intellectual concept or something that could be completely put into words. I believe they are speaking of the sense we experience within ourselves of what love is and knowing that we use words to attempt to describe that in her knowing realizing that words themselves are going to be somewhat inadequate.

There are three descriptions of love that have stayed with me through the years and continue to contribute to my evolution involves understanding as well as expression. it's fascinating to me that these three descriptions come from very different sources and yet they continue to speak to me.

The first one came from a book in my Old Hippy Library a science fiction book as a matter of fact call The Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. in a piece of dialogue between two of the characters in the book One expresses his definition of love besley, love is that state where someone else's happiness is essential to your own.

When I first read that it knocked my socks off. I could sense the value and the trueness of it. the literal meaning stayed with me for a number of years until the code dependency evolution movement came into being. according to much of what I had learned in that codependency adult child era was it that definition or description of love just didn't fit. I tossed it away for awhile but as I will explain in a bit I took it back again but at a deeper level of understanding.

show my search continued until I came across this wonderful and rather difficult expression from the psychiatrist Sheldon cop in his book if you meet the Buddha on the road kill him. the depth of his thinking was expressed in this love is sometimes living with the helpless knowing that I can do nothing about another person's pain. the meaning of this became very clear to me after my father's transition. I went home to help my mother with the funeral details and Social Security in putting the house up for sale and all of those other things that go with the loss of a spouse. I was grieving in my own way and I knew she was as well but I wanted to make it easier for her. I would take her out to dinner I would cook dinner myself we go to a movie and eventually I remember her saying to me stop I need to grieve.

What she was saying was you cannot take my pain away from me I need to deal with this myself. I understood and I understood on the deepest level I could at that time is that I cannot take your pain away but I can be here for you. I can be present to you. Even if I cannot be present to you physically when I go back to work I can still be present to you emotionally psychologically spiritually.

This was a difficult description how's the power of love and I knew left much out of the picture but its expression was still essential to my gross in to my knowing

The number of years later while reading Scott picks A Road Less Traveled I came across another description that's said very simply love is the ability to stretch oneself 41 spiritual growth growth of another. wow. that really moved me I understood that on a deep deep level far beyond words far beyond the intellectual meaning

And what began to happen in my own understanding in my own evolution is the text description of love began to embrace those other two that I mentioned above kind of put them in perspective.

The ability to stretch oneself. see there is a description that is continually on going that innocence will never end I stretch I stretch I stretch again.

So here we are for instance each Sunday morning with an openness and awareness and perhaps not attempting to Define anything literally but each one of us realizes in our own way then as we speak as we sit as we listen as we all walk one another home play we are going to be stretched we might not know how we might not know what that's going to look like we might not know what that's going to feel like we might not know what challenges might emerge. could we enter the process with an openness and a willingness to allow Spirit to work with us and to us and through us. And that is a continuing blessing 

“Now, as you align to love, to be expressed as love and, consequently, to demonstrate your consciousness in love, you are offering yourself to the world, and we will emphasize this, you are offering yourself to the world. You are not offering yourself to your best friend, or the person you always say hello to in what you would claim to be a loving way. You are offering yourself to the world as an energized aspect with the Creator in accord with love.”

Here is an absolute elegant description of the truth of Who You Are and therefore the truth of all beings. I will not Sully this is Central truth with any more words than necessary.

I would encourage you though to perhaps make that into your own affirmation I am an energized aspect of the Creator in a cord with love.

 “Now the responsibility you each hold is to realize, once and for all, that love is not a personality construct, nor is it special, to be handed to the special. It is the action of the Creator, working as and through you, in His own dominion, honoring all that He sees before him as a creation worthy of love.

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